Prior to MM, I was only sleeping about 45 minutes before waking up from the pain and PTSD whirlpool thoughts. Now I am sleeping six to seven hours.

Michael H.

During about 98% of my nights, there is no sleep disruption from pain, therefore my PTSD thoughts are 98% reduced.

Will G.

I now spend less time horizontal – previously, horizontal was my posture about 20 hours per day. I am now spending more time being a beneficial companion to my 94-year-old mother.

Lauren M.

My lumbar radiating pain level is reduced.

Doris F.

My exercise level is dramatically higher – five nights per week in a fitness center, using a variety of weight machines.

Angela K.

Recently, my lunch companion elbowed the salt shaker off of the table and I was able to lean out and grab the shaker in mid-air. I was happy because not only was I able to save the glass salt shaker, but the incident gave me positive feedback about my reflexes.

Andrea S.